CHDesignFurniture introduces its new platform WAREHOUSE FURNITURE.

This new website devoted to 20th century design and decoration will be stocked regularly with new items including objets d’art, furniture, lamps and graphic arts from Scandinavia, Italy, Switzerland, France, etc. Articles will be offered for sale as soon as they are acquired and will also be presented in our showrooms in Cheyres and Berne.

Unlike CHDF we won’t be producing newsletters; articles will feature regularly on the platform as and when they are received.

You can contact us via the contact menu or via the article reference in the object description if you require any further information.

Conditions of sale and export are the same as for CHDF.

CHDF will focus solely on a selection of objects of historical value from leading manufactures that are rare or emblematic of Swiss design, as well as timeless pieces by major designers.

Thank you for your interest and loyalty to our selection.

CHDesignFurniture team
Clot Sylvain – Hiegel Luc